Daily Class Schedule


  • 6:30 pm; Equinox Downtown DC; Vinyasa II


  • 7:00 am; Vida Metropole; Pilates Mat
  • 1:05 pm; SEC; Yoga
  • 6:00 pm; Vida Verizon; Power Yoga
  • 7:00 pm; Vida Verizon; Pilates Reformer


  • 7:05 am; Vida Metropole; Power Yoga
  • 12:00 pm; Yoga Heights; All-Levels Flow Yoga
  • 5:30 pm; Vida Metropole; Vinyasa Yoga
  • 6:30 pm; Vida Metropole; Yoga Basics
  • 7:45 pm; Equinox Downtown DC; Vinyasa II


  • 7:00 am; Vida Verizon; Vinyasa
  • 11:30 am; Vida Verizon; Pilates Reformer
  • 1:05 pm; SEC; Yoga
  • 7:00 pm; Vida Navy Yard; Barre
  • 8:00 pm; Vida Navy Yard; Vinyasa


  • 6:30 am; Vida Verizon; Power Yoga
  • 7:30 am; Vida Verizon; Barre
  • 12:00 pm; Vida Metropole; Power Yoga
  • 5:30 pm; Vida U Street; Power Yoga
  • 6:30 pm; Vida U Street; Barre


  • 9:30 am; Vida U Street; Power Yoga
  • 11:00 am; Vida Verizon;Intro to Pilates Reformer
  • 12:15 pm; Vida Verizon; Barre
  • 1:45 pm; Equinox Downtown DC; Vinyasa III

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Blacklight Yoga

Be on the look out for when I pair up with THE Kelly Berry for a fun night of color, dance, and yoga! Live music will be provide from DJ Chad!