Pasquale Guiducci started practicing yoga 2008 as a way to balance the intense physical demands of pursuing a career in dance and performance. Having always been a dancer and an artist, his life on stage would mean nothing if he couldn’t kick his foot to his head or drop into the splits. After his first class in a little gym back home in New Jersey, he became hooked, first feeling the affects of asana practice, and later receiving the mental clarity and emotional stability he strived for.

When he moved to DC, Pasquale broadened his experience by studying several styles with different teachers, all of whom have given shape and depth not only to his practice, but also blessed him with a more (w)holistic approach to living life. Still active in the performing arts and movement, he draws the biggest connections when practicing ashtanga, budokon, and rocket yoga. Having completed his 200 hour teacher training with seasoned DC teacher Mimi Rieger, Pasquale brings a strong personal practice, confident teaching presence, and a sincere willingness to help his students experience the benefits of yoga.

Pasquale’s classes are about transition, movement, and flow. Pasquale believes that as our bodies adapt to a vigorous moving practice, becoming stronger and more conscious over time, we can also adapt to the constant changes and challenges in life with grace and ease. His sequences seamlessly blend postures into a circular dance of breath and body. He combines technical alignment with creative sequencing, allowing you to challenge your body to its personal edge. When you come to a class led by Pasquale you can expect to work hard, sweat, and leave feeling accomplished.